Access Accounts in Near

User accounts are used in a variety of contexts in NEAR, including as identifiers and for signing transactions. Once login successfully, you'll be able to access to the accountId and account instance.

Current Account ID

You can get the logged in account ID via the getAccountId() method in Near chain

// For version 1.11.7 and below
const accountId = window.near.getAccountId();

// For version 2.0.0 and above
const accountId = window.sender.near.getAccountId();

Use Account Instance in Near Chain

[Work In-Progress] You can also get access to the current account, and use its interface directly. The account is an instance of the account object in near-api-js . The usage can be found in the documentation here.

const account = window.near.account();
await account.sendMoney(
  "receiver-account.testnet", // receiver account
  "1000000000000000000000000" // amount in yoctoNEAR

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