Introduction to Sender
Welcome to Sender's developer documentation. Sender is a browser extension wallet built for NEAR protocol, with the goal of providing a secure and easy-to-use wallet for DeFi and NFT users. The purpose of the documentation is to illustrate how to build a DApp with Sender.
  • Please find the latest version of Sender Wallet on our official site
  • For latest news our Sender Wallet, follow our Twitter
  • For reporting issues or contributing to the Sender project, check out our GitHub and Discord

Why Sender?

Sender was built to satisfy the needs of usability and security of NEAR DApps. Particularly, it helps users to manage accounts and connect to NEAR blockchain.

New to NEAR?

For developers who are new to DApp development on NEAR, please feel free to check out the NEAR Developer Docs
Last modified 1yr ago